AtOmIc BoUnCe - For A Bouncing Good Time
Obstacle Courses:Obstacle courses provide a physical and mental challenge for both children and adults. They are designed with different difficulty levels and ages in mind.

Adrenaline Rush II
Perfect for ages 3 - adult

Weight 900.00 lbs Dimensions 34'L x 23'W x 14'H Space
Required 36'L x 25'W

This is 3 DIFFERENT pieces. 
You can rent all 3 together or each piece seperately. 
All 3 Pieces (2 children can race at a time) $650

Slide (2 children can race at a time) $300

1 section of the Adrenaline Obstacle (1 child at a time) $200
2 sections of the Adrenaline Obstacle (2 children) $375

Rent 1 or all 3 pieces for different set ups. Lots of ways to set up and have a great time at any event, big or small, personal or public.\

Chaos Obstacle Course, all 3 sections must be used because of how this unit is set up. $750. 

Description:This is a popular 180-degree obstacle challenge without all the frills. 2 opponents compete through a series of squeeze plays, climbing walls, slides, and more
  • Height
     17' 00"
  • Width
  • Length

Obstacle Rapids: Race through, slide down, get wet! Our only obstacle course that also includes a WATER SLIDE at the end! 30 + feet of obstacle fun. $325 

Excalibur Obstacle:
 (2 children at a time)
Race through this 30 foot long obstacle to the double slide at the end. This is a great unit that kids will enjoy again and again.
Length30 FT
Width11 FT
Height10 FT
Weight355 LBS
Perfect for ages 3 - adult
An inside view of Excalibur Obstacle.


The Beast obstacle - $295
 (2 children at a time) 
40 feet of extreme obstacle fun. This is our newest addition and definately the highlight of any event. Intense rush as you climb through the tunnel, race through the obstacles and end victorious at the other side. The ultimate for any school, college corporate, festival, scouting or larger function. Ages 3-adult

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Seven Element Obstacle Course
The Beast in action

Excaliber Play Center - $295
 (8 kids at a time)
Bounce, Obstacle, and mini-slide. Perfect for the 1-8 crowd. This is a VERY big unit, our largest toddler unit is stock. It is a hit everytime it is set up, even the big kids will want to play in it! Excalibur Obstacle - $295Perfect for everyone. This bouncer has an inside obstacle, bounce unit, and fast double slide! This unit is 30 feet long. The kids laugh, scream, and play in one of our newest additions. All Ages(Yes, that is Katie standing there.)

Fun Run - $265
 (2 children at a time) 
25 feet of obstacle fun with internal slide and small jump area. This unit is popular for May Days and backyard parties. Short enough to be used indoors at only 12 feet tall. This unit is a Ages 3 +

5 in 1 Enchanted- $295
 (6-8 children at a time) 
 Bounce, Slide, obstacle course, and basketball shootout all in 1 unit! One of our most popular renters.

 Ages 3-adult

5 in 1 All Star $275
(6-8 children at a time) 
 Bounce, Slide, obstacle course, and basketball shootout all in 1 unit! One of our most popular renters.

 Ages 3-adult

 Alligator Obstacle $175
 (4 children at a time) 

For our littlest friends who want to have fun, a small crawl through, some pop up obstacle sections, and a bounce area with mouth slide. 

Ages 1-8 only