"For a Bouncing Good Time" 

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Bounce Houses, Entertainers, Community, Business, and Small Events

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

Make every holiday party something special with a little bit of a twist with a hint of mischief. 

Grinch $125/hour, 2 hours minimum

Grinch with Cindy Lou Who $200/hour

Dancing Dinosaurs

$125/hour for each Dinosaur

It's not a real party unless it's a Dinosaur Party

Five Nights At Freddy's Fan Party

Bring a little scare to your next party with a FNAF visit. $125/hour

Jump Scares included.

Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Fortune Teller

Real Fortune Telling with tarot cards

Can we reveal your past, present and future? Only time will tell.