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 Daycare/Summer Camp Program

We are so excited to offer you something that we have been doing for quite some time with a few select daycare's in the area. We have decided that it is time to offer this to not just daycare's but also summer camps as well. We know that field trips aren't always the easiest so we come to you!

Bounce houses can be dropped off Monday and picked up Thursday if you can keep equipment over night :)

12 weeks of summer- activity plan $5,000

10 weeks of summer -activity plan $4000

8 weeks of summer -activity plan $3200

4 weeks of summer -activity plan $2000

Keep scrolling down!

Each week you get to pick what activity will take place:

--> Foam and Giant Bubble Fun -2 hours of time with staff

-->Petting Zoo/ Learning Zoo- 2 hours of time with staff

-->Magic Show - 1 hour show

-->Carnival Game Day - we bring 10 stations for the kids

-->Gem Mining experience- Covers up to 50-100 kids with staffing

-->Water units ( we rotate these around depending upon what you have had a lot of water units can also be used dry )

-->Dry Units ( most daycare's want water units but we do have strictly dry units)

We serve:        York  * Hanover  * Gettysburg * Harrisburg * Lancaster

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