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Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses provide a physical and mental challenge for both children and adults. They are designed with different difficulty levels and ages in mind. Kids will race to the party when they know that the fun is waiting!

Rat Race - $750

L 26' W 15' H 13'

Chaos Obstacle Course $750

This is a popular 180-degree obstacle challenge with all the frills. Two opponents compete through a series of squeeze plays, climbing walls, slides, and more. This unit comes in 3 sections that must be used together. 

L 36' W 26' H 17'

Triple Threat Obstacle and Slide $675

3 lanes of obstacles and slides for an affordable price. This creates 72 feet of obstacle fun! And you can have more kids use it at one time than any other obstacle course. 

Ages 3+

L 62' W 15' H 13'

Triple Threat Obstacle Section $375

3 lanes of obstacle fun! Race against your friends.

Ages 3+

L 30' W 15'

Triple Threat Slide Section  $375

3 lanes of sliding fun! 

Ages 3+

L 35' W 15' H 13'

Turbo Rush $445

This is a fun obstacle unit that has two lanes for racing. 

L 27' W 19' H 16'

Pirate Obstacle $345

Race through, slide down, and have fun on this 35 foot obstacle course. This unit can be used wet/dry unit. (2 children at a time)

L 40' W 11' H 14'

Pirate Obstacle 2nd view 

Obstacle Rapids $345

Run, race, and slide in this obstacle wet/ dry unit. With or without water, you'll have a great time! This is another popular water unit and it has everything you could want for your event.

Ages: 3+

L 40' W11' H 13'

Obstacle Rapids view from top of slide

Excalibur Obstacle $345

Two children can race at a time through this 30 foot long obstacle to the double slide at the end. This is a great unit that kids will enjoy again and again.

L' 30' W 11' H 10'

Weight 355 LB

An inside view of Excalibur Obstacle.

The Beast obstacle - $345

can connect to Beast crush to make

 a 60 ft obstacle 

Two children can race at a time through this 30 foot extreme obstacle course. This would definitely be the highlight of any event. Intense rush as you climb through the tunnel, race through the obstacles and end victorious at the other side. The ultimate for any school, college, corporate, festival, scouting or larger function. Ages 3-adult 250 lbs

L 30' W 11' H 7'

The Beast Rush - $345

Can Connect to the Beast obstacle to make

 a 60 ft obstacle 

Ages 3-adult 250 lbs

L 30' W 11' H 7'

Excalibur Play Center - $295

This castle has a small slide, an obstacle course, and areas to bounce in. This unit is almost 20 feet long! It is a very heavy unit, but always well loved.

Ideal for ages 2-8.

L 26' W 15' H 13'

Fun Run $295

30 feet of  obstacle fun that 2 children can go through at a time. A challenging obstacle, but one that most can complete. Also great for indoor events as the top is under 13 feet.  The climb may be difficult for children under 3. This is great for any school, college, corporate, festival, scouting or larger function. 

Ages 3+

L 30' W 11' H 12'

A Trip Through Chaos

Again, not our video but it works to show what the obstacle is like :) 

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